Introduction to Self-Service Time Entry

The University is transitioning to a system whereby all regular and temporary staff will be submitting their own timesheets electronically via Wolverine Access > Employee Self-Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet.  Bi-weekly paid staff (both regular and temporary) and monthly paid staff will continue to receive tickler emails from the department reminding them to submit their time online. 


Time Entry Process

Employees enter time reporting codes (TRCs) and hours. A TRC is a three-character code that designates the type of time associated with your work and off-work hours. A complete list of TRCs is available via a look-up function on the Timesheet page. For help determining the appropriate TRCs and/or hours to report, contact your supervisor or department timekeeper.  Listed below are the most frequently used TRCs.







Jury Duty


No Variation from Schedule – only monthly




Season Days


Sick - Preventative


Sick – Illness, injury


Sick – Family care




Season Day


Monthly Employees:

Do NOT report regular (REG) hours. They ONLY report variations from REG (e.g. VAC, SCK). If a monthly employee has no variations to report, they select NOV (No Variation from Schedule) in the Time Reporting Code field and click Submit.


Biweekly Employees:

  • Temporary employees must report regular (REG) hours for each day worked.
  • Regular employees must report regular (REG) hours plus any variations from REG (e.g., VAC, SCK).
  • Some temporary employees need to submit hours on multiple projects.  Those employees should contact the department for detailed instructions on how to report that time accurately. 
  • Regular and temporary employees will enter time in tenths of hours. Use this chart to convert your minutes to tenths of hours.


























Time Approval Process

  • Send email to your supervisor after you have entered your time
    • Subject Line: Name, EmplID, and Empl Rcd # (Empl Rcd # needed only if you have multiple appointments). Department Timekeeper can help obtain Empl Rcd #.
    • Body of email: Indicate that your time has been entered and is ready for approval
  • Supervisor will review and approve time in the system.

Note: No email is needed for Julie Haggerty’s direct reports.

If supervisor doesn’t have access to a computer:

  • Copy your hours in the “Reported Time Status” section and paste it into an email.
  • Send email to your supervisor and to (must send to both).
  • The Department Timekeeper will match the time reported in your email to the system and approve your time on the system.
  • Supervisor should respond to and the employee only if there is a discrepancy.

Note: Supervisors can make changes to an employee’s time.


Time Entry Deadlines

Biweekly Employees (regular and temporary):

12:00 noon on the last Thursday of a pay period

Monthly Employees:

3rd business day after month-end

Early deadlines may be required due to holidays.  Staff will be notified of these early deadlines.

Note: It is OK for employees to report time as the pay period progresses or for a future time period.


Previous Period Time Report Changes

Use “Report Time” in Employee Business to navigate to the “Timesheet” web page for the date(s) to be corrected. Make your updates in the system and clicks “submit”. Send an email to your supervisor and to with your corrections. Once approved, the changes will be processed with your next scheduled biweekly or monthly payroll.


Instructions and Demonstrations

For Step-by-Step Instructions on how to submit your time via Self-Service data entry go to:

  • This document lists important information you need to know about reporting your time
  • displays how to navigate to the Timesheet page, where you will report your time
  • provides descriptions of areas and fields on the Timesheet page
  • displays step-by-step instructions for reporting your time.