Drivers License Approval for UM Vehicles

As you plan field work and other trips, please bear in mind the University rules regarding vehicle driver authorization. If you anticipate driving a UM vehicle, you must register on the Parking and Transportation Services website. Examples include field trips, Camp Davis, airport pickup, etc.

Parking and Transportation (PTS) Fleet Services has created a system for checking motor vehicle records. The online system will allow each person to log in and create their own profile. It also provides a way to share your driving status with a single or multiple delegate(s). This system will provide a more secure way to gather the information required for PTS Fleet Services to obtain a driving record on behalf of the University of Michigan.

The following URL will direct you to the online system –

The system requires authentication using your unique name and Kerberos password. Once your motor vehicle record has been checked, you and your selected delegate(s) will receive email notification regarding your driving status at the University of Michigan. Email reminders will also be sent out when it is time to renew or update your profile.


1) You must include the following uniqnames in your Delegates list: craigdel, nsprag, cmalvica.

2) Type in the Department phone number, not your office or personal phone: 734-764-1435.
Also the Dept fax number: 734-763-4690.

3) Department id: 177000.

4) Department address: Room 2534 1100 North University 48109-1005.

5) Use shortcode 101250. (The form will not be processed unless you enter a shortcode.)

Nico Spraggins, Craig Delap, and Chris Malvica must be able to check whether a driver has been approved for University vehicles.

No one will be allowed to drive a University vehicle unless he/she has been approved. Note that approval can take days or weeks for out-of-state licenses.



1. Go to

2. Enter your uniqname and Kerberos password. The Driver Profile screen opens.

3. Complete all the information fields. In the delegate box, enter the uniqname of department staff who need to verify your driving status at the university: craigdel, nsprag, cmalvica.

4. Check the box authorizing PTS to check your driving record.

5. Verify the information is correct, then click the Update Profile button. A box will pop up stating profile updated – ok if all the information is completed correctly.

6. Click the Check/Renew Status page. This screen tells you the status of your approval, when that approval expires, and if there is any action you need to take to complete the approval process.

7. If this is your first time in the system or you need to be update or renew your request - click the Create Request button. A box will pop up stating request sent - ok. You have successfully completed the process.

8. Select the Log Out button in the upper right hand corner.

9. An email will be sent to you once your request has been processed indicating your status as approved, or not approved, to drive a university vehicle.


If you have any questions about the policy or process for obtaining a MVR, please feel free to contact Fleet Services at or (734) 764-3427.