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Courses in Afroamerican & African Studies (AAS)

Our courses are multifaceted as they provide students with a wide-range of real-life experiences to accompany a colorful education. Students who become a part of the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies (DAAS) will experience an array of courses from intellectual scholars from all over the world.

Click the buttons below to view our courses by topic or key questions. For a list of all our currents courses, please see the LSA Course Guide

Students interested in proposing an independent study in consultation with a faculty member of their choosing will need to complete an independent study form. This form is due the first full week of classes in the term the independent is to take place.

Take an AAS course in: Race and...

AAS 201: Introduction to African American Studies (Prof. Andre) 

  • What is “African American Studies”? What kinds of questions, ideas, and issues (social, political, and cultural) are central to this field?

Keywords: social movements, intersectionality, politics, law, legacies of slavery, arts and culture, media, current events, representation, resistance

This course fulfills the Social Sciences Distribution Requirement (SS). 

AAS 211: Dynamics of the African Diaspora: Religion and Revolution (Prof. Johnson) 

  • How have religions of the African Diaspora (like Vodou in Haiti) offered possibilities of both resistance to slavery and colonialism, and paths of transculturation of colonial and national regimes? 

Keywords: religion, power, ritual, authority, enslavement, spirit possession, Vodou, Santería, Candomblé, Rastafari

This course fullfills the Humanities Distribution Requirement (HU). 

AAS 271: Introduction to African American Literature (Prof. Boisseron) 

  • Why talk about ‘African-American literature’ rather than talking more broadly about ‘American literature?’ 

Keywords: slave narrative, racial passing, Harlem Renaissance, Afrofuturism, Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Black Lives Matter

This course fullfills the Race and Ethnicity Requirement (R&E) & the Humanities Distribution Requirement (HU).