"I took AAS 111 with Professor Arenas and Professor Boisseron this past winter semester. I am currently applying to medical school and will be taking in the MCAT during the upcoming week. As I have been studying and practicing for this examination, I have been simply astounded by the number of questions that I have been able to answer with the knowledge I learned in this class.

I would have never guess that the content in "AAS: 111 Intro to Africa and Its Diaspora" would be applicable to an exam for pre-med students. Yet, I have answered questions on topics such as "Wide Sargasso Sea", World Systems Theory, racial stratification, and many other topics we discussed in class. 

I just wanted to thank Professor Arenas and Professor Boisseron for a wonderful class. I got much more out of it than I would have thought and I know it provided me with a new perspective in which to look at both scholastic studies and world issues. I enjoyed the class so much I even signed up for a second class in the department this coming fall. Who knows, maybe I will even have a minor in AAS before graduation." - Peter Beck, senior majoring in cellular and molecular biology