Political Science Prof. Hanes Walton Jr. died Monday, according to the American Political Science Association. He was 72. The cause of his passing is still unclear. After receiving a Ph.D. in Government from Howard University in 1967, Walton went on to teach at Savannah State College, Atlanta University and the University of Georgia before arriving at the University in 1992. In the course of 40 years, Walton’s extensive worked and researched extensively on African American participation in the American political system, including publishing 21 books and textbooks. He co-authored American Politics and the African-American Quest for Universal Freedom — a textbook is in its sixth edition — with Robert C. Smith. Walton also served on numerous editorial boards for political science journals and won the 2008 Best Paper award from American Journal of Political Science. He was known affectionately among students for his memorable lectures filled with anecdotes and jokes about politicians and current affairs. He was equally esteemed by his colleagues in the world of political science: He was elected vice president of the American Political Science Association earlier this year and was a prominent researcher at the Institute for Social Research. For more information see the following links:

Remembering Hanes Walton