Congratulations to DAAS and RC Alum Erin Winkler on the publication of her book

“Learning Race, Learning Place: Shaping Identities and Ideas in African American Childhoods “

In an American society both increasingly diverse and increasingly segregated, the signals children receive about race are more confusing than ever. In this context, how do children negotiate and make meaning of multiple and conflicting messages to develop their own ideas about race? Learning Race, Learning Place engages this question using in-depth interviews with an economically diverse group of African American children and their mothers in Detroit, Michigan. Through these rich narratives, Winkler examines the roles of multiple actors and influences, including gender, skin tone, colorblind rhetoric, peers, family, media, school, and, especially, place.

About the Author

Erin N. Winkler is an associate professor of Africology at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She received a Ph.D. in African American studies from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. from the University of Michigan. Her work on how children develop ideas about race and racism has appeared in a number of books and journals.

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