At the 25th Annual MLK Symposium, two of DAAS own were honored for their contributions to the King memorial: Professor James Chaffers, professor emeritus of architecture and a senior design juror for the project; and Jon Lockard, a faculty member in the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, who served as artistic consultant. Both James Chaffers and Jon Lockard were awarded with the MLK Spirit Award and King/Chavez/Parks Award.


MLK Spirit Awards - The University recognizes those who exemplify and advance Dr. King’s vision through their achievements in building diverse communities, leadership responsibilities and service to the University of Michigan community and beyond.


King/Chavez/Parks Visiting Professors Program, is sponsored through both the University and the State of Michigan, and contributes to the intellectual diversity of the campus by providing guest faculty with diverse points of view and experiences. Some Visiting Professors have traditional scholarly backgrounds; others may be outstanding performers or practitioners in their fields.



The award will be displayed at the Michigan Union in following weeks, and later this term at a central location on North Campus.