Give to the Comprehensive Studies Program's Strategic Fund

The Comprehensive Studies Program works whole-heartedly to ensure that our very diverse and talented group of students are thriving on their way to graduation. Since a large portion of our student community are underrepresented in the academy we know how important it is to provide support that will remove barriers to success. As the university continues to explore ways to improve on our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, the Comprehensive Studies Program sits at the forefront of these extremely important initiatives.

What will your gifts support?

Gifts to our strategic fund allows CSP to provide programming and initiatives that positively impact students academic success, social capital development and co-curricular needs. The strategic fund provides funding for study abroad, CSP student support, and funding for initiatives design to address any gaps in support for our student population. This comes in multiple forms and the need varies from year to year.

Why are your donations necessary?

Without the support of the Comprehensive Studies Program many of our more than 2,900 students would be left to navigate the university on their own. If you give today, you will be making a difference for one or several of our students. Many of our students cannot anticipate their needs once they are here, but having a place to go to address those needs is important. CSP is that place, and we want you to have an opportunity to impact change for the future leaders of the world, starting with us.