On December 11, 2012, CSP and Kaplan Test Prep awarded scholarships to three students. Winners would receive scholarships to use towards graduate school or professional degree exam test prep. The students were chosen based on their essays that they submitted.

CSP and Chauncey Williams would like to thank Kaplan Test Prep for providing this great scholarship opportunity.

Devon Oosting

Jordan Medina

Tonique Brown

Devon Oosting is a psychology major with a pre-health focus. She plans on going to medical school and specializing in either developmental behavioral pediatrics with a focus on autism spectrum disorders or primary care. She would eventually love to open a free clinic for disadvantaged populations to gain access primary care services and possibly even diagnosis and treat autism and other developmental disorders. Much of her undergraduate research and clinical experiences has focused on autism, but she realizes the need for primary care physicians so she’s open to that possibility as well. In addition, she would like to obtain a second degree if possible, either an MPH or a PhD in clinical or health psychology as she is very interested in the ways these particular fields interact with the medical profession and how the mind and body influence each other.



Jordan Medina is a senior at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor concentrating in Sociology with a minor in Afroamerican and African Studies. Jordan currently works as a production assistant for State of Opportunity, a new venture between Michigan Radio and the WK Kellogg Foundation that seeks to raise awareness of childhood poverty. He is also a facilitator for the Program for Intergroup Relations. Jordan is deeply interested in racial and socioeconomic justice, and wishes to pursue a career in public policy to address the structural barriers that prevent many poor people of color from achieving their dreams.






Tonique Brown will be graduating May 2013 with a BA in Women's Studies and English. In the immediate future she plans to teach English in Texas as a Teach for America corps member. She will then attend graduate school for Nursing and Public Health. She would like to own a non-profit women's health center as her ultimate career goal.