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CSP Courses


All CSP sections cover complete course syllabi and are designed for students who want to be certain that they develop a thorough understanding of the course material. Extra time is provided for in-depth analysis of central concepts.

To be able to register for a CSP section for the Winter 2020 term, you need to acquire permission (an override). Students may request for overrides beginning November 21, 2019. Students may make override requests at that time. CSP students have enrollment priority into these sections. Requests received from non-CSP students will be added to our wait list and then processed as space allows beginning December 9, 2019.

How Do I Register for a CSP Course Section?

1. Request an override for your preferred section: Whether you are a CSP scholar or not, admittance into a CSP course section requires permission to register (an override). Overrides are to be requested from a CSP advisor who enters the request. Use either walk-in advising hours (1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. most days, first-come first-served, check in at the front desk when you arrive), or by using our online appointment making tool if you cannot come to walk-in hours. You can telephone our office to get confirmation of exact daily walk-in hours, or to book an advising appointment to request an override (734 764-9128, Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM).

2. Wait for an email notification : After your override request has been submitted by an advisor, it will typically take 1-3 days to be processed by our internal CSP staff. Once your override has been processed, you will either get a "Class Permission" override confirmation email or a "You have been waitlisted" email. If you've received a "You have been waitlisted" email, you will remain on the waitlist for the section until a seat becomes available. You will be notified once your override has been processed.

NOTE: If you are a Non-CSP student who has requested an override prior to Dec. 9, you will be put on a temporary internal waitlist until Non-CSP student override request processing begins. Students will not be notified again about the status of their override unless space becomes available in the class section and the student is provided with an override. Students should be closely monitoring their emails because override permissions to register expire within 24-hours.

3. Go into Wolverine Access to register for the section: Once receiving the "Class Permission" override confirmation email for your preferred section, you will need to go into Wolverine Access to register for the class by the expiration date indicated on the email.

*Stats 250 can be registered for without an override.

After classes begin, enrollment into a CSP section is by permission of instructor only. Students wishing to enroll will need to contact the instructor.

CSP Override Process FAQ

Why does it look like there are seats available in a CSP class section on the U-M Course Guide, but I haven't gotten permission yet?

The management of override requests & waitlists are kept internally by CSP. If a section is deemed closed by CSP, you will be automatically placed on CSP's waitlist (please also see Q: Does the U-M Course Guide accurately reflect CSP override processing?). You will be contacted through your umich e-mail if you receive an override for the course. If you have not been contacted by CSP before the beginning of classes, waitlisted students should attend class on the first day and speak with the instructor for his/her permission to be added to the class. Instructors will have a copy of their waitlists.

How will I know if my override request has been processed?

An automated e-mail will be sent to you once your override has been processed.
Go to Wolverine Access -Student Center-Permissions to view your override. Expect your override request(s) to be processed within 1-3 days of submission.

How long do I have to use an override?

CSP overrides expire within 24 hours of your Registration Date unless you have a special need such as a financial hold. You should inform your advisor of any special needs.

Can non-CSP students get into CSP sections?

Non-CSP students may request an override into CSP courses. These requests will not be processed until the end of the early registration period. During Summer Orientation, non-CSP students may continue to request but are not given permission for CSP courses. They are added to a wait-list maintained by the student services assistant in CSP. These requests will be processed at the end of the orientation period (early August) if there is room. The only exception to this policy is Chemistry 130: Any student who places into Chemistry 130 should be given permission for the CSP section of Chemistry 130.

I've received the confirmation email about my override request, but why aren't I registered for the class?

Getting an override request processed for a section does not mean that you've been registered for the section. After receiving the confirmation email stating that your override has been processed, you must then go into Wolverine Access to register for the class on your registration date or within 24 hrs of the override confirmation email depending, on when the override request was processed.

Again, receiving an override does not automatically register you! You are responsible for using your override in a timely manner.

How do I search for and backpack a CSP course?

CSP courses appear CLOSED on the system at all times.
When searching, *uncheck the box that says “Show open classes only” to see all sections then scroll down to find your desired section ( Ex. Math 115 section 171), OR you can search by using the class number. These class numbers are available on the CSP course list document.

Are there any policy exceptions for particular sections?

Yes. Section 002 of CSP 101 is reserved for Bridge Scholars Plus scholars only. If you are not a BSP scholar, select one of the two other sections instead. Additionally, students do not need an override for the CSP section of Stats 250. You can register for this course at any time after your registration date.

Does the U-M Course Guide accurately reflect CSP override processing?

No. The management of override requests & waitlists are kept internally by CSP. The U-M Course Guide will reflect enrollment numbers of students registered, but does not account for the "active overrides" of which students were offered but have not yet registered for. Because of this, the number of seats available may not be accurately depicted by the Course Guide.