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CSP Courses


All CSP sections cover complete course syllabi and are designed for students who want to be certain that they develop a thorough understanding of the course material. Extra time is provided for in-depth analysis of central concepts.

Overrides for CSP students are available starting November 20, 2017. Non-CSP students can request an override beginning December 8, 2017. To request an override, you must meet with a CSP academic advisor either during Walk-in Advising hours (1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. daily) or by making an advising appointment.

CSP Override FAQs

How can I get into a CSP course section?
Entrance into a CSP section requires permission of CSP. Students will need to meet with a CSP academic advisor to make these requests.

When does the CSP office begin the Override Process for Winter term?
CSP will begin processing overrides for CSP students & affiliates starting November 20. Overrides are processed for Non-CSP students starting on December 8. In the Spring/Summer, we limit our overrides to new, entering students (Transfers, Orientation students, Summer Bridge Students, M-Academy students).

Can non-CSP students get into CSP courses?
Non-CSP students may request an override into CSP courses. These overrides will not be processed until the end of the early registration period. During Summer Orientation, non-CSP students are not given permission for CSP courses. They can be added to a wait-list maintained by the Student Services Assistant in CSP. These permissions will be processed at the end of the orientation times if there is room. The only exception to this policy is Chemistry 130. Any student who places into Chemistry 130 should be given permission for the CSP section of Chemistry 130.

How will I know if my Override request has been processed?
An automated e-mail will be sent to your umich account once your override has been entered.
Go to Wolverine Access -Student Center-Permissions to view your override.

How do I search for and Backpack a CSP course?
CSP courses appear CLOSED on the system at all times.
When Searching *uncheck the box that says “Show open classes only” to see all sections then scroll down to find your desired section: Math 115 section 171 OR you can Search by using the class number. These class numbers are available on the CSP course list document.

How long do I have to use the Override?
CSP Overrides Expire within 24 hours of your Registration Date unless you have a special need such as a financial hold. You should inform your advisor of any special needs.

How do CSP Advisors know if a section is truly closed?
A tally and waitlist are kept in the CSP office by the Student Services Assistant. If a course is closed, you will be automatically placed on the waitlist. You will be contacted through your umich e-mail if you receive an override for the course. If you have not heard from us before classes start, waitlisted students should attend class on the first day and speak with the instructor. The instructor will have a copy of his/her waitlist.

I have an override, but the class didn’t end up on my schedule?
You must register for the class on your registration date. An override does not automatically register you! Students have the responsibility of using their overrides in a timely manner.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes! Section 002 of CSP 101 is reserved for Bridge Scholars Plus students only. If you are not a member, you must select one of the two other sections instead.

Additionally, students do not require an override for the CSP section of Stats 250. You can register for this course at any time after your registration date.

*Contact the CSP office or your Academic Advisor if you need additional assistance.
Phone (734) 764-9128 or visit 1139 Angell Hall