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At the University of Michigan the appropriate commitment of time and effort are major determinants of outstanding academic performance.

You should think of being a student as your current profession. You should also budget anywhere from 45 to 60 hours per week for school work. A certain amount of that time will be spent in class, the rest in workshops, studying and doing assignments.

CSP sections are planned such that, relative to other sections, a significant amount of staff time is allotted per student; it is therefore a privilege to be enrolled in a CSP section since you can depend on your instructor giving you a great deal of her/his time. This time is distributed over several functions. CSP sections are scheduled for more hours per week than a routine section of the same course. Some of that time is devoted to workshop activities, e.g., problem solving, practice tests, review of assignments and instruction in learning skills. There is also provision for more individual instruction, in the form of additional office hours, instructor conferences, appointments with a Course Assistant, etc.


Successful students are expected to do all of the following:

  • Attend each class every day it is scheduled.
  • Attend each scheduled academic related activity.
  • Attend each scheduled tutorial session.
  • Take advantage of your professor's office hours.
  • Establish a rapport with your professors.
  • Schedule both study and review time for each of your classes.
  • Keep up with all readings and assignments.
  • Use weekends to strengthen academic preparation
  • Complete and turn in assignments at the scheduled time.
  • Keep scheduled appointments.

Classroom Behavior

Make a positive impression in class! Immature, childish behavior, i.e., behavior which might have been tolerated in high school, is completely inappropriate at a university; so don't talk while your instructor is speaking to the rest of the class and turn off your cell phone. Both you and the other students have elected your courses to learn and to develop intellectual skills, so do not interrupt. Arrive for classes early and review your notes; stay alert and pay attention in class; contribute to discussions; be academically assertive in and out of class; be self-disciplined and ask questions if you don't understand.