We in Complex Systems wanted to take a moment on this, the second anniversary of Charlie's passing, to mark this day as a tribute, and to reflect on our good blessing of having known this incredible human. His Forever Missed page is truly inspirational. Be sure to check out the video (gallery/video - Charlie in bright suit) his friend Peter Crosman made. It is so lovely. 

We are also trying to finish something that student's of Charlie started, as a way to honor him on campus - which was a place he truly loved. As anyone who ever witnessed him on a football Friday can attest to. Shortly after his passing a fundraiser was set up to name a tree in Charlie's honor as part of the Nichol's Arboretim/Matthaei Botanical Gardens 'Name a Tree Program'.  We would like to lend a hand to 'finish the Charlie Tree'! We want to pick up the torch where Charlie's dedicated students left off and leaf by leaf, fill up the tree.

And now, some math, in honor of Charlie: (10 minutes and 10 dollars) X 180 people = a tree in Charlie's honor!

We want to continue with the intention of having a 'Community Tree' made up of many donations. We have messaged about this before but if you are not familiar with the fundraiser - please read the box below. 

More math: students have raised $700 toward the $2,500 needed to support a tree dedicated to Charlie (in either Nichol's Arboretum or Matthaei Botanical Gardens, maintained initially for 20 years). That leaves $1,800 (divided by 10 = 180!)

1. Go here; and type in $10.00 and click 'Proceed to Checkout' - choose 'This is a Tribute Gift' then click the drop down menu and choose 'in memory of' and 'continue' (*See 'NOTE' below).
2. Go to the digital tree and type your initials (or name, or 'anon') on a shaded square. This way, we can see our progress - and know when our tree is done!
3. Check back and watch the tree grow!
4. We are giving the program one week - so don't delay - do it today! 

Donation Tree Re-cap

Following the passing of our beloved Director, Charlie Doering, a group of students initiated a student-led plan to Name a Tree for Charlie as part of a program run by Matthaei Botanical Gardens/Nichols Arboretum.

We need a few more donations to reach the required $2,500 that will ensure a designated tree along with a commemorative tree tag for a period of 20 years. Tribute tree options are pre-determined and include only trees that are already planted and established on site to ensure the longevity and good health of the tree while also fitting long-term landscape design. A picture and description of the tribute tree will be available on the Tribute Tracker in perpetuity.

This page explains the tree program.

NOTE: the text on this donation page is generic to the program, but the address bar shows it is Charlie's page, and once you click the donate button (then 'This is a Tribute Gift' and 'In memory of'); the right side in the ‘YOUR GIFT SUMMARY’ box  at the bottom reads “Tribute Details, In memory of Professor Charlie Doering” so you can be assured your donation is going to the correct account. All donors will receive an acknowledgment letter on behalf of Matthaei-Nichols and also a tax receipt (more detailed information about the tree program including tax receipts).

-- Go Blue  beat everyone!