Complex Systems and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Faculty Luis Zaman, who studies the evolution of complexity, is an Associate Editor for the new online journal, npj complexity. npj complexity, which is part of the prestigious science journal, Nature, is research that “explores all aspects of complex systems at the interface of multiple levels.” 

Dr. Zaman is a co-author of the first editorial of the journal. Titled “The path of complexity,” Dr. Zaman and his co-authors explain their perspective on the field of complexity and what the aims of npj complexity are in that context.. 

From the editorial:

The value of using the term “complexity” is in part to embrace the openness of the community through the vagueness of the term. It is therefore hard to formulate a concrete mission statement for the journal. Yet there is a dire need for a holistic approach to complexity research: From theory, to experiments, to applications, including the philosophy and ethics thereof.

And npj complexity aims to be such a home for complex systems, including but not limited to:

  • network science,

  • artificial life,

  • computational social science,

  • systems biology,

  • data science,

  • ecology & evolution,

  • dynamical systems,

  • economics & finance,

  • and social complexity.

Dr. Zaman was also honored at the Atwood Colloquium as a Rising Star in Evolution. Hosted by the University of Toronto’s Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, he gave a keynote address titled “Complexity, creativity, and a case for unnatural histories.”

From the program website:

The Atwood Colloquium is our department’s major event of the academic year. This special two-day event provides the opportunity for our students, postdocs, and faculty to showcase their own work and learn about other work in our department. Biologists from all three U of T campuses as well as the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) participate in this event. In addition to our own biologists, three guest speakers are invited each year. 

A major highlight of the Colloquium is the Atwood Lecture, which is given by an outstanding senior scientist who is selected by the graduate students. Two rising stars, one ecologist and one evolutionary biologist, are also invited to participate.

Congratulations Professor Zaman on the accolades!