Associate Professor Eisenberg's appointment in Complex Systems is her second LSA affiliation, having joined the University of Michigan's faculty in the Departments of Epidemiology (School of Public Health) and Mathematics (LSA) in 2012.  Prior to that Marisa attended the UCLA where she received a biomedical engineering Ph.D. in 2009 followed by a three year post-doctoral fellowship at the National Science Foundation's Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State.

Professor Eisenberg's research focuses on developing and using identifiability and parameter estimation methods in mathematical modeling to generate insights into disease mechanisms, forecasting, and intervention design. Her work blends mathematics, statistics, and epidemiology to develop new methods and theory and to translate this theory to directly improve population health. She has made substantial and novel contributions by applying these methods to generate useful insights across diverse biological and epidemiological areas, including environmentally transmitted diseases (such as cholera), infectious diseases more broadly, cancer epidemiology, neuroscience, and physiology.

The appointment is effective starting September 1, 2018.  WELCOME MARISA!!