"Structure of Online Dating Markets in U.S. Cities" was published April 2, 2019 in Sociological Science.

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Inverse.com interviews Mark Newman about the paper.  "Most of the dating subregions align well with the traditional American sense of regional pride. For instance, the New England region includes Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and the Pacific Northwest region covers Oregon, Washington, and parts of Idaho and Montana". Read the full article/interview here."

Also covered in an article by eurekalert.org who write that outside of the psychological boundaries represented by the geographic dilineations, there were some surprises at the sub-market level. One of the most surprising findings in the analysis was the extent to which race affected interactions within sub-markets. "The patterns suggest that men and women in different American cities are strategizing about who they message based on both race and age very differently," says Bruch. "Dating markets are something we talk about all the time, but the way that we talk about them makes them out to be sort of an undifferentiated city-level phenomenon. What we've shown, in this analysis, is that that's just not true." 

More coverage can be found in this citylab.com article. 

This publication follows the widely covered paper "Aspirational pursuit of mates in online dating markets" released August 2018.