Dr. Lalejini is pursuing life as an academic as he accepted an Assistant Professor position at Grand Valley State University.  His relatively brief time at UM was productive in terms of publications and ‘absolutely fantastic’ in terms of experience:

Photo Credit: Arrae Photography

“I'm now an assistant professor in the School of Computing at Grand Valley State University, teaching a mix of computer science and data science courses. I love the time I spent in the ZE3 lab. Luis has cultivated a wonderful and supportive group doing fantastic science. Our work together sits at a really fun boundary between computer science and evolutionary biology, importing algorithms designed for solving computational problems into the laboratory as protocols for steering microbial evolution. In addition to doing fun science together, Luis and all the folks in the ZE3 lab taught me a ton about experimental evolution, complex systems, and, of course, where to get the best eats (and coffee) in Ann Arbor.

Dr. Acosta started her new career this month at Rancho BioSciences out of Rancho Santa Fe California. The company ‘is on a mission to save lives through Data’ and ‘to be the leading data services company in the world leveraging domain knowledge and expertise to solve complex problems.’ “We are a group of Amazing scientists that are passionate about saving lives through data.” 

We wish both Alex and Monica much success in their new pursuits and feel fortunate for the time they were here at UM!