The Center for the Study of Complex Systems has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Department Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

From LSA Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education - Tim McKay's award notification letter:

Complex Systems has a unique place in its extremely broad interdisciplinarity and its undergraduate teaching profile, making it – as you wrote [in your application] – “one of the leading international hubs for complex systems research and teaching,” “rapidly evolving from a small, more research and small-scale teaching focused program to a thriving academic center.” Students come to Complex Systems with a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives; “teaching for such a wide-ranging group is a unique challenge but has the potential to bring students together and enable them to learn from each other’s distinct perspectives and skills.” You have done a great deal of thoughtful pedagogical and curricular work to harness this potential and serve the wide range of backgrounds and interests with which students come to you, and your efforts in curriculum development and innovation provide increasing numbers of students the opportunity to have valuable formative experiences in a unique interdisciplinary field.

LSA is home to more than 75 departments and programs. They are all committed to serving undergraduates. So it is a real honor to be singled out in this way, and I hope that you will share my congratulations with the whole Complex Systems community.