Lynette Shaw received a “Mini-Cube” in the last round of announcements as Principal Investigator on a research project entitled: Implicitly Prosocial: Investigating the Automaticity of Social Preferences.  The other two members of the team are Fabiana Silva - Public Policy and Ashley Harrell - ISR

Scott Page is also in a new mini-cube team entitled:  In Search of Jobs: Punctuated Career Events, Network Activation, and Network Evolution  with Maxim Sytch (Business) and Jake Fisher (ISR).

CSCS director Charles Doering has been on three different cube teams in as many years and is currently part of Spatio-Temporally Adaptive Transport in Complex Systems Bogdan Epureanu and Wei Lu (Mechanical Engineering).

‘MCubed’ as the University announced on Wednesday, May 12, 2012, was to be “a bold, new way to fund research” stating that this “first-of-its-kind, real-time research funding initiative at U-M puts $15 million into the hands of professors to jumpstart new projects they believe in.”  This new research funding system was initially set up as a two-year pilot program, but it is currently in its third multi-year session (2018-2020).