We are thrilled to announce that we are offering a large, first year, Complex Systems course for the first time this Fall! CMPLXSYS 100 Complexity: From Simple Rules to Complex Behavior will be taught by CSCS Director Marisa Eisenberg and will "explore a broad range of introductory topics in complex systems, examining how interactions between individuals can lead to emergent patterns, in systems ranging from cells, to societies, to climate change. The course also provides a friendly introduction to programming in an applied context." (LSA Course Guide)

Director Eisenberg calls it a 'jazz hands' 'trip to the zoo' class on all things Complex Systems. You may have heard about 'Complex Systems' in the news lately. The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to scientists in the field. Complex systems are characterized by many interacting components and non-linear dynamics. You use a 'complex systems approach' to study a  'complex system'  - examples include: the behavior of financial markets; the spread of diseases; the formation of galaxies; climate change; the dynamics of social networks and so much more. This approach emphasizes the importance of understanding the emergent properties that arise from the interactions between the components of a system, rather than just studying the properties of individual components in isolation. CMPLXSYS 100 will introduce you to this world.

In all of our Complex Systems courses you will learn the tools and strategies used to approach work in a complex systems way. CMPLXSYS 100 will give you a good introduction to all 'subjects' of complex systems we study at CSCS.