We are so happy to once again honor and celebrate Rick Riolo by conferring the second annual Rick Riolo Undergraduate Research Prize at this time. The winner of the 2022 award (awarded in 2023) is Cameron Haynes. The selection committee was impressed with his project "A mathematical model of generating a mutant strain of a lysogenic bacteriophage."

Cameron is a senior studying Mathematical Biology and currently doing research in Professor Luis Zaman's ZE3 lab. Cameron plans to continue doing research in ZE3 lab after graduating, and while applying to graduate programs, likely in either Microbiology or Bioinformatics.

The Rick Riolo Memorial Prize was established in 2018 after a fundraising campaign saw gifts from friends, colleagues, family and especially students of Rick  who very generously gave more than the $25,000 needed to start an endowed fund - in a very short period of time. See the articles at bottom to learn more about Rick and the establishment of this prize.

The committee received several excellent submissions. For this reason, they decided to also split a second place award giving $250 each to Ziheng Xu for his project "Stimulating the Effects of Strong and Weak Ties on Information Diffusion” and to Alexander Takla for his project "High-Wave Number Steady Solutions of Two-Dimensional Rayleigh-Benard Convection between Stress-Free Boundaries.”

Thank you to all of those who applied for the award.


Articles about the establishment of the Rick Riolo Memorial Fund

Andrew Forche wins first ever Rick Riolo Memorial Fund Prize!

In Memoriam, Rick L. Riolo 1950-2018 

A Love Story, UM 'Giving Blueday' took place Nov. 27, 2019. We chose this day to publicly announce and kick off the Rick Riolo Memorial Fund (RRMF).  It Turned out to be quite a day.  

Announcing the Rick Riolo Memorial FundThe Rick Riolo Memorial Fund (RRMF) has been established to honor Research Professor Rick Riolo who passed away on August 25, 2018. The fund will kick off on Giving Blueday November 27 with a special lecture by Scott Page. 

Complex Systems joins UM Giving Blueday to kick off the Rick Riolo Memorial FundIn this, the third year of UM Giving Blueday - we invite our friends and colleagues to join the movement in a special way. This Giving Blueday will kick off the Rick Riolo Memorial Fund.