Since 2010 the Contexts for Classics Consortium at The University of Michigan has partnered with the Classical Traditions Initiative at Northwestern University to foster the expansion of research and higher education related to the reception of Antiquity. The partnership is defined broadly and may support a variety of activities including but not limited to the exchange of post-doctoral scholars, exchange of students, exchange of publications, joint research projects, joint conferences, joint teaching projects, and joint cultural programs.

Past collaborative projects include the “Politics and Tragedy Colloquium” organized by Vassilis Lambropoulos and Bonnie Honig (UM, Feb 2011) and several faculty exchange visits.

In the next few years, the CFC/CTI partnership will sponsor a yearly joint workshop on reception, involving both graduate students and faculty. In these workshops presenters and attendees will discuss work-in progress as well as significant articles on texts, theatrical performances, films or other artistic forms related to the reception of classical antiquity in a wide range of media. Further workshop activities may include the screening of performances and movies or even attending live performances in Chicago or Ann Arbor theaters, if available. The aim is to provide a venue where people interested in reception can exchange ideas, discuss their work, and propose new projects in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The workshop venue will alternate between Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.

For information about the CFC/CTI partnership, please contact Francesca Schironi at the University of Michigan or Marianne Hopman at Northwestern University.