Ben is a current senior studying neuroscience, math, and computer science. He is interested in the intersection between healthcare and machine learning.

The dogged proclivity of a mentorship spirit at the University of Michigan has opened my eyes to what a college experience could be. As a member of the Health Science Scholars Program (HSSP), a Michigan Learning Community, I was introduced to campus my freshman year by an incredible team of personal and professional mentors. Through HSSP, I learned from shadowing healthcare professionals and their diverse perspectives—later a Resident Advisor for HSSP, I helped create these experiences for new mentees. Conversely, every day, my mentees’ curiosity reminded me how much I have yet to learn. Participating in The LSA Summer Mentorship Program allowed me to broaden my horizons beyond the University’s Ann Arbor footprint. I met Meredith Cote, a recent alumna and water resources engineer on the west side of the state. It turned out alumni and students had more in common than I thought—for us, we both shared a love of dogs, swimming, and camping on Michigan’s coast—and I learned a lot from Meredith’s advice on post-graduate life.

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