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New York

New York is one of the original LSA YAC regions, led by Leadership Team members Erin Pavacik (’14) and Kristen Leydig (’15). They often put on fun events in the city and have even hosted events with notable LSA alumni speakers. If you would like to get involved with the LSA Young Alumni Council in New York, please fill out the interest form.

If you’d like more information about the New York LSA YAC region you can reach Erin Pavacik at or Kristen Leydig at

New York Council Members:

Anna Chen (​’16), Peter Chen (​’​17), Alissa Corera (’​16), Alison Foster (’​13), Jared Frank (’15), ​Liz Gorson (’​15), Anna Graff (’​17), Matthew Henry (​’16), Megan Kaczanowski (’16), JoHanna Rothseid (’14), Karina Sanchez (’​17), David Schafer (’​17), Sarah Scheinholtz (’​15), Phil Schermer (’14), Caroline Shao (’16), Mariam Sheikh (’16), Michelle Shum (’11), Maryam Squillace (’14), Perri Weiss (’​15), Jeffrey Wojcik (’11), Jordan Zecher (’15), Boming Zhai (’15)