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Grand Rapids

The Grand Rapids LSA YAC is one of our newly established regions. It's lead by Jonathon Parker and Jason Colella. If you would like to get involved with the LSA Young Alumni Council in Boston, please fill out the interest form.

If you’d like more information about the Grand Rapids LSA YAC region you can reach Jonathon Parker at or Jason Colella at

Leadership Team

Jonathon Parker graduated with a degree in mathematics of finance & risk management in 2016. While in school he participated in the Michigan Equestrian Team, Cur, and Wolverine Capital Investments. He currently works as a forecast analyst at Comfort Research. For Jonathan, "A liberal arts education not only expands my knowledge of the world, but it also provides me the skill to push reasoning further. I have always been an advocate for continuous improvement. In fact, sociologist Vilfredo Pareto says that "abstractions are parts common to certain facts," and what this means is that our learning (abstractions of the world) are leading us toward the understanding/solutions (facts) that the world needs. I believe LSA really upholds this belief. The world needs more victors".