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In 2017, 68 students graduated with a major in Women’s Studies (a medium-sized major in the College of LSA), 4 in the first class of Gender and Health majors along with 132 students who completed academic minors in the department:

83 minored in Gender and Health

37 minored in the study of Gender, Race, and Nation

12 minored in LGBTQ & Sexuality Studies.

While Psychology is usually the most popular second major of Women's Studies students and Community Action and Social Change the largest minor, the range of student interests is truly extraordinary:

  • All of the social sciences, from Political Science through Sociology and Anthropology
  • Most of the humanities, including Art & Design English, History, and Philosophy
  • Interdisciplinary programs like Afroamerican and African Studies, Latina/o Studies, Evironment, Communication Studies, International Studies, Community Action and Social Change
  • Biological Sciences and Engineering Mathematics and Statistics

What undergraduate students say about Women's Studies

"When I came to college I was definite that I wanted to study environmental science, but I decided to take WS 240 Intro. to Women's Studies my freshman year and instantly got hooked. Since then I've had the opportunity to engage in some incredible class discussions with like minded students that have opened my intellectual horizons tremendously. I am graduating now with a passion for women's rights, specifically with issues regarding violence against women, and I cannot imagine that I would have never discovered this path without the Women's Studies department. The past four years have taught me how to engage thoughtfully with diverse groups, use my interdisciplinary education in the professional world, and most importantly, how to navigate this world as a young woman of color."

"Women's Studies is a rich and diverse department, a place where deep learning takes place.  Each student creates strong bonds with professors and classmates.  Women's Studies is more than a department, it is a community of learning.""Women's Studies prepared me to function in the world as an open and analytical being."

"In Women's Studies I learned about privilege and oppression and found a community that is super passionate about fighting for a more equal and just society. I had no idea how interested I was in gender and sexuality studies until I came to college!"

"I learned a great deal about how Women’s Studies intersects with other fields such as science and technology, political science, psychology. Its community service orientation not only contributed to my personal growth, but also was a useful tool in the job search."

"Women in traditionally male dominated fields need to develop survival skills. They need to know how to support themselves and be advocates for themselves. A Women’s Studies education teaches this.""The Women’s Studies Department offers an entirely different U-M experience with small classes, a sense of community, outstanding faculty and a broad view of the world."