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Honors Thesis Titles

Writing an honors thesis gives highly motivated Women's Studies and Gender & Health majors a unique opportunity to work closely with Women’s Studies faculty to investigate a particular intellectual question through feminist, interdisciplinary scholarship. Below are the titles of the theses written in the last five years. The first Gender & Health honors class graduated in 2018.

Undergraduate Honors Theses by Year


Alison Alkire, Surviving the Stage: Navigating the Performing Arts as a Survivor of Sexual Violence

Benjamin Bugajski, Masc4masc vs. Masc4mascara: An exploration of queer male students' sexual and gender identity construction at the University of Michigan

Diana Curtis, Feminizing Fear: Investigating the Intersections of Paranoia, Empathy, and Sex

Sabrina Deutsch, On Home and Health: Mapping Perceptions of Health through Toni Morrison's Literary Works

Kayla Kingston, A Fighting Chance: Protest Letters as Resistance to Eugenic Sterilization in Mid-Twentieth-Century California

Sara Lebow, Fiery Girlhood: Revising Progressive Era History Through Children's Literature

Deirdre McGovern, "This is Sex. This is Why This is Important": Cisgender Women's Advice About Sex

Mel Neal, Gendered Spaces at the University of Michigan at the Dawn of Coeducation

G Ryan, Is Everyone Queer Now?: A Lingustic Investigation into the Reclamation of the Word Queer


Kiri Alvarado, Listening to Medieval Voices: Women, Religion, and Healing in the Paston and Lisle Letters"

E Karin Cadoux, Animating Injury: Trauma Rite as Personal Exhibition and Public Exposition"

Katrina Hamann, Catholic on the Margins: Faith, Ambivalence, and LGBQ Community in a West Michigan Lambda Catholics Group"

Anouk Versavel, Empowerment in Revolutionary Contexts: Women’s Experiences in Poland and Nicaragua"


McKenzie Campbell, Fifty Shades of Agency: The Impact of Fifty Shades of Grey on Sexual Agency in America

Katherine Irani, Violence and Voicelessness: Experiences of Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses

Sophia Kotov, Let's Talk About Non-Monogamy: Self-Labeling, Actual Practice, and What Happens in the Interstices

Ebere Oparaeke, "I'm a black woman, we been doin this!" How black women conceptualize and enact agency in the home birth space


Kaitlyn Diekman, "Suffragist Housekeepers”: Women’s Suffrage and the Art of Persuasion in Ann Arbor, Michigan 1910-1913

Cosette Kathawa, “They Were The Originators, But Whatever”: Doulas of Color and the Reproduction of Inequality in the Natural Birth Movement

Emma Maniere, "Abortion as Solution: A Discursive Study of Debates Surrounding" Reproductive Freedom/Control in Michigan, 1966-1975

Emily Preuss, “Fancy a Little Fun?”: Manifestations of Sexual Negotiation in both Mainstream and Feminist Pornographic Film

Haley Schreier, Communication between Jewish Mothers and Daughters about Romantic Relationships

Margaret Scribner, Navigating the Masculinist State: An Analysis of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994


Hannah Almeter, Reading Text and Image: The Use of Text in Artworks by Carrie Mae Weems and Yong Soon Min

Michael Lourie, Screening the Gay Body: Interpreting Gay Male Pornography through Compartmentalized Desire

Aubree D. Sepler, Baring the Queer Body: Restructuring the Narrative of Queer Female Presentation in Public Social Spaces


Renee Gross, Negotiated Bonds: Analyzing the Mother/Daughter Relationship Through the Lens of Disability

Alex Kulick, How Gay Stayed White: Millennial White Gay Men and the Production of and Resistance to Racism, Sexism, and Heterosexism

Amy Navvab, From Fag Hags to Gay Best Friends: Understanding Millennial Straight Women’s Heterosexual Authorship, Allyhood, and Friendships with Gay Men