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Alumni Spotlight

Youth Development Professional Ebere Oparaeke ('16)

Women's Studies alumna Ebere Oparaeke works as a Youth Development Professional at the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor, where she advises a diversity and social justice program and provides training to help other youth organizations incorporate youth-adult partnership in their work. Additionally, Ebere is a trained doula who works to improve birthing spaces for marginalized groups and advocate for their reproductive needs. 

Read our profile of Ebere and find out more about her career, her goals, and how Women's Studies influenced her.

Child Advocacy Attorney Amy Harfeld ('94)

WS alum Amy Harfeld is an attorney at the Children's Advocacy Institute in Washington, DC. Working with progressives in the Senate and House, one of her recent wins was the passage of the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, which, she says, "requires agencies to provide children leaving foster care with a copy of their birth certificate, a Social Security card, a copy of medical records and a driver's license or ID.”

Read more in this profile of her in the National Catholic Reporter, “Lawyer Takes on Children’s Life and Death Issues.”