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Meet Our Recruitment Team

Each year, WISE RP selects a group of students to lead tours and interact with incoming students during Campus Day and other events the University of Michigan hosts for incoming students. By clicking on the names below, you can read more about each member of our team and their favorite memories of WISE RP! 

Taryn Hayes

Taryn Hayes

Hometown: Potterville, MI

Major: Neuroscience

Research: I am currently a research assistant in the Singer Lab. Our research focuses on themechanisms of obesity-induced immune system activation and myelopoiesis in children and adolescents with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I work in the Endocrinology and Diabetes clinic to recruit participants, complete eye exams, and obtain other sources of data.

Advice: Joining a Michigan Learning Community was the best decision I have made coming to the University of Michigan. I have met so many incredible people through WISE who shares the same values and interests as me. Take advantage of all the amazing opportunities here at the University of Michigan and get out of your comfort zone!

Emily Perrin

Emily Perrin

Hometown: St. Joseph, Michigan

Major: Environmental Engineering

Activity: I'm a member of the Society of Women Engineers. In this organization, I volunteer for outreach events to encourage women to be in STEM fields as well as various community service events.

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE memory was when we painted the rock on Washtenaw. This was at the very beginning of the school year, and I got to meet so many WISE members and show our school and Learning Community pride.

Advice: Don't worry about your major! So many students come here thinking they need to decide on a major before setting foot on campus, but that is not true at all. Once you get here, there are so many resources that weren't available to you in high school. Take advantage of outside lectures, your classes, and mentoring events offered by WISE and MRADS and your decision will become so much easier.

Taylor Murray

Taylor Murray

Hometown: East Lansing, MI

Major: Computer science

Activities: I am a part of BLUElab Biogas International Team, which is working on making and maintaining a biodigester (takes in waste and produces fuel). I am also a part of Girl in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (gEECS) on the professional development team. And I do research on the relationship between weaving and mathematics/computer science.

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory was our open-door night when there was lots of music, food, and dancing in the hallways. You can't beat singing to High School Musical and Mr. Brightside with 40 other girls.

Advice: It can be hard finding your group even in a living learning community, but it will happen! Forget about who you were and focus on who you want to be, because in college you can start over and be that person. Don't waste your time doing things that don't excite or inspire you; you get to make your own decisions now.

Joeita Macfield

Joeita Macfield

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Public Health

Activities: Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, Bangladeshi Student Association

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite memory was during our WISE RP Alumni Weekend! I felt so inspired and motivated after hearing about where these former WISE women came from and all the big and important things they are currently doing.

Advice: The transition into college can seem intimidating, but stay authentic and open-minded. This is also a really exciting time of our lives; embrace it with open arms!

Michelle Gehner

Michelle Gehner

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Major: Electrical Engineering

Activities: I play horn in the Michigan Marching Band, work in the electrical subteam for MRover design team, and volunteer for Society of Women Engineers.

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite WISE RP memory was a peer mentor event where we made glitter jars and got to know other WISE first years and peer mentors. I had a great time getting to know more people outside my hall and I still have my glitter jar in my dorm.

Advice: Explore new opportunities on campus - there are so many organizations to get involved in, and you'll meet some great friends along the way!

Carin Queener

Carin Queener

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Industrial and Operations Engineering, International Minor for Engineers

Activity:  Aside from working as a WISE RP recruitment team member, I also work as an Engineering Tour Leader, am a member of a Christian students' org called Cru, and am the registration leader for the Aruna 5k!

Favorite WISE RP Memory: When my friends and I all came back to the dining hall after our Calculus exam, made milkshakes, and then watched (belted) Les Mis together

Advice: You will get out of WISE what you put into it, so go to lots of events, keep your door open, meet as many of the girls as possible, and do your best to make the most of the program!

Isha Bhatt

Isha Bhatt

Hometown: Troy, MI

Major: Electrical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship

Activities: This year, I spent time developing the electrical powertrain accumulators alongside 7 other engineers on the team, Michigan Hybrid Racing. I have also had the opportunity to learn different machining techniques such as lathing and learn different softwares including NX, Solidworks, and Altium to design parts of our car. Overall, after spending over 150 hours during my freshman year building a hybrid vehicle, I have grown as an engineer, professional, and individual.

Favorite WISE RP Memory: My favorite memory from WISE RP was definitely going to paint the rock at the beginning of the year with all the mentors and mentees in WISE RP. It was an amazing bonding experience and was one of the first times I really felt at home when I got to Michigan!

Advice: Find your people! In times of difficulty, they will be there to support you every step of the way and, ultimately, having that support system there has helped me through it all!