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WISE RP Around Campus

Intermural Sports

Students stay active and bond with their fellow WISE RP women by participating in intermural sports. Each year, WISE RP women create and join various intermural sports teams!

WISE RP are IM Soccer champions!

WISE RP Flag Football Team

WISE RP Basketball Team

Marching Band

Each year, a number of WISE RP women participate in Michigan Marching Band. Campus and University concert bands are also popular among our students and allow them to pursue interests outside of STEM. We are proud of our WISE RP musicians!

WISE RP alumni Carlee Meyers, Diana Thompson, Emma Callewaert, Lauren Matson, and Leila Syal are reppin' WISE in marching band!

Club and Varsity Sports

WISE RP women have participated in a variety of club and varsity sports including:

  • Varsity Rowing
  • Club Hockey
  • Club Gymnastics
  • Club Triathalon¬†
  • Women's Rugby
  • Equestrian Team
  • Club Ultimate Frisbee
  • Club Volleyball

Ashley Martinelli, Ana Reyes, and Ashley Sin compete in Champaign, IL with the University of Michigan Club Gymnastics Team.

WISE RP first-years Shaina Jansen, Taryn Hayes, Julia Derringer, and Abby Meyer raise money for pediatric rehabilitation therapies.

Dance Marathon

The WISE RP Dance Marathon team at VictorThon 2017. Each year, the WISE RP DMUM team meets regularly to fundraise, participate in social events, and meet the families of the children who benefit from Dance Marathon's therapies.

Ann Arbor Women's March 2017

WISE RP Women attended the Ann Arbor Women's March on January 21, 2017.