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Leadership, Voice, and Power for Women in Academia

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
12:00 AM
Rackham, West Conference Room, 4th Floor

Although leadership can be conferred through titles and roles, it is incumbent upon leaders to claim their authority. Even without official titles, those who speak and act powerfully can have great influence.

Awareness of patterns of speech and the use of voice are tools that can be employed to build and maintain a powerful and respected presence in interactions with colleagues, administrators, students, and staff.

This workshop will present findings by researchers who study issues of gender and language, and will provide participants the opportunity to practice speaking with greater power. Participants will:

1. Understand how speech patterns may be effective or ineffective depending upon the expectations and patterns of the person with whom one is interacting.

2. Learn to use statements of definitive fact to project confidence.

3. Assess voice qualities and consider the image projected by one's voice.

4. Practice holding one's ground while maintaining professional presence.

Biography: Rena Seltzer, LMSW, coaches professors and other academics to reach their writing and publishing goals. Meeting by telephone and with the assistance of email, Rena supports clients from major research universities in North America, the United Kingdom, and Asia. Rena also provides coaching and workshops to physicians and other professional leaders on issues ranging from dealing with difficult people to work/life balance. Rena's website is