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The Cognitive Science Honors Program provides majors with the in-depth research experience of writing an honors thesis under the close supervision of a faculty member. Majors who are considering graduate study (whether in Cognitive Science or another field) are especially encouraged to participate.


  • Honors in Cognitive Science is separate from the Honors Program. Students may pursue Honors in Cognitive Science even if they have not had any previous affiliation with the Honors Program.

  • The only departmental requirement for Honors is the submission of an approved thesis. The College, however, additionally requires an overall GPA minimum of 3.4 across all courses, not just those that count toward the Cognitive Science major.

Independent study courses

  • Honors students may, but are not required to, register for one or two special independent study courses. 

Thesis writing workshops

  • Optional: To help with the process of writing the thesis, throughout the Fall and the Winter terms, you may participate and attend Honor Thesis workshops hosted by the the Psychology Department. If interested, please email to request a complete schedule.

Honors thesis eligibility for awards and prizes

LSA Honors Program Awards and the Marshall M. Weinberg Honors Thesis Award

  • LSA honors prizes. For more details about these, please check the LSA Honors Program website. Deadline is typically early April.

  • The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science Marshall M. Weinberg Award. In recognition of the contributions of Marshall M. Weinberg to the field of Cognitive Science and the University of Michigan, an annual prize of $1000 will be awarded to the “best” Honor Thesis paper in recognition of outstanding research performance in the field of Cognitive Science.

Eligibility for the prize is limited to Cognitive Science Honors students who are participating in the Cognitive Science Honors Program and are completing an honors thesis during winter semester. Students meeting these criteria will be considered if they submit their thesis to the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science at by the April 1 deadline. All eligible honors theses will be reviewed by the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science Undergrad Committee.  


Timeline and submission deadlines


  • Find a faculty advisor near the end of your junior year and identify a proposed title of your project.

  • Develop an abstract of your research project approved by faculty advisor

  • Complete and submit Honor Thesis Application by (November 1, March 1 or July 1) during the term before your final semester.

  • The departmental deadline for a thesis to be nominated by The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science for an LSA Honors Program Award and/or to be considered for the Marshall M. Weinberg Award is April 1.

  • The LSA Honors Program-determined deadline for nominations for the Honors Thesis Awards changes annually, but is typically in early April; please check the LSA Honors Program website.

  • For all honors theses in The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science, the final deadline for the grade to be submitted by the faculty advisor to  by the end of the day on May 1, September 1, or January 1 during the term of graduation.

  • The final version of the honors thesis MUST be submitted to by May 8, September 8, or January 8 following the submission of the faculty grade.

Thesis in cognitive science - checklist

Academic Program Specialist: Lucius Anthony,

Please plan to complete all the listed items during your time in the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science Thesis Program. 

  • Enroll & successfully complete two academic terms. Students will receive 2nd term overrides at least 3 weeks before the start of that term.  
  • Meet with the Academic Program Specialist to complete your Major Release early in the semester before the semester you plan to graduate (i.e., Winter (April/May) grads would need major release early in the Fall semester prior).

  • Stay in close contact with your mentor throughout the program.

  • Report any concerns or issues with your research or support to the Academic Program Specialist  immediately.

  • Rough draft to mentor one month prior to submission (Nov. 1, March 1 or July 1) during the term of graduation. The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science does not need a copy of your draft at this time.

  • Honors: have at least a 3.4 UM cumulative GPA after all your UM classes are completed & graded.

  • Apply for LSA Honors Program Awards and/or the Marshall M. Weinberg Honor Thesis Award.

Honors Thesis Application