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Undergraduate Course Petition

The Weinberg Institute Undergraduate Committee will be using the guidelines below to help determine whether a course can count toward the cognitive science major. Keep in mind that the inclusion of certain words in a course description—such as decision, motivation, thinking, language philosophy, computation or belief—is not enough. Similarly, the dedication of just a subsection of a course to such topics is insufficient. Rather, staff and faculty reviewing such petitions will be looking for overall course content that elucidates phenomena at the “computational level of analysis.”


  • Is the class at the 300-level or higher?

  • Does at least 50% of the class look at internal mental processing?


  • Does at least 50% of the class look at applications of cognitive science to a question or issue?


  • Does at least 50% of the class look at formal theoretical methods used in cognitive science?

  • Is at least 50% of the class relevant to the specific track within cognitive science?

Cognitive Science Undergraduate Course Petition Form

To submit a course petition to the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science, please fill out and submit the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Course Petition form.