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Peer Advising

Learn more about our Cognitive Science Peer Advisors below!

Our Cognitive Science Peer Advisors are academic leaders on campus who work closely with our Academic Program Specialist and Director. They are available for one-on-one advising, host office hours, and assist with outreach to prospective students. If you are are first or second year student interested in majoring in cognitive science, or if you are current student who needs advice about courses, please make an appointment with one of our peer advisors today!

Email to schedule a peer advising appointment!

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • Year
  • Current or Prospective major
  • Major track or track of interest
  • Reason for appointment

Decision and Cognition - Ryan Mak

Name: Ryan Mak

Track: Decision and Cognition

Year: Junior

Interest in Cognitive Science: I am very interested in general decision-making of personal decisions. It is always interesting to calculate what the rational choice should be and see how much humans deviate from what is rational. I am also interested in the interplay between cognitive science and philosophy, particularly when it comes to ethical decision-making. 

Hobbies: Food explorations, planning budget trips around the US, trawling through Pinterest, following pug-related Instagram accounts, and being a guinea pig for friends who can cook.

Language and Cognition - Anna Stone

Name: Anna Stone

Track: Language and Cognition

Year: Junior

Interest in Cognitive Science: I love all things language-related!  I am a double major with linguistics, which is why I chose the Cognitive Science – Language & Cognition track. I am interested in studying language development in clinical populations - especially individuals with aphasia and autism. Cognitive Science helps me get a really good interdisciplinary perspective, so I understand language development not only from a linguistic perspective, but also a psychological and philosophical one.

Hobbies: running, coaching Girls on the Run at a local elementary school, volunteering at Spectrum Therapy Center and the University of Michigan Aphasia Program.

Philosophy & Cognition - Lindy Porritt

Name: Lindy Porritt 

Track: Philosophy & Cognition 

Year: Junior 

Interest in Cognitive Science: I have always been fascinated with the brain structurally, as well as how it is constantly working in our day to day lives. Cognitive Science offers a range of disciplines that covers the many facets of the mind and how it affects and directs our behaviors. I am pursuing a career in health care and I believe cognitive science aids me with an incredible understanding of brain injuries, various brain-related health diagnoses, cognitive development, and healing processes. Additionally, cognitive science teaches us how to interact with others in our society, and take our endless cognitive potential to the next level. The philosophy track enables me to deeply analyze the unanswered questions and potential conclusions that philosophers have been planting in our minds for years. The study of the human mind is ever-changing and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  

Hobbies: U-M Women's Soccer Team, reading, yoga, volunteering at UMHS, and hanging out with my friends. 


Computation & Cognition - Nicholas Alonso

Name: Nicholas Alonso

Track: Computation & Cognition

Year: Senior

Interests in Cognitive Science: My main interests within cognitive science are on the areas of research which help explain how minds relate to the world. Inquiries such as, "How does our brain compute input from the environment to create a 3D representation of it?" and "How are we innately set up to interact with and learn from our environment?" are just some of the questions which I find the most fascinating within cognitive science. My interests also extend to philosophical questions about the nature of computation, the mind-body problem, consciousness, and mental content.

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, playing drums, and science fiction.