We are quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of the launch of all the LSA department/unit websites.

So what now?

Spring is the perfect time to dust off and shine your website.

Most sites now have over a year of data stored in the new accounts that we created. Let’s work together and dig into Google Analytics to evaluate if the message on your website is delivering your department/unit’s goals and purpose.

  • What’s driving traffic to your site?
  • Are your email campaigns working?
  • How is social media affecting your monthly traffic?
  • Are referral websites helping build your SEO?

These are all questions that can be answered with basic reports in Google Analytics. Web Services wants to partner with you to help create reports that are easily accessible and useful in meetings.  

Website Evaluations include the following:

  • Content and analysis report
  • New Crazy Egg reports
  • Documentation on SEO, writing for the web and setting up goals in Google Analytics

We understand time is valuable. Meetings are scheduled for an hour to go over your website and talk through the reports, issues and concerns.  Contact Web Services if you have further questions.