Over the past academic year we've hired two developers and have had some updates to staff titles and responsibilities.  Please join us in celebrating these Web Services achievements!

Matthew Cruz
System Developer

A graduate of UM's College of Engineering, Matthew comes to us with a variety of in-depth programming and development experience producing websites, mobile apps, and custom software targeting eLearning and digital marketing.

Ananta Saple
Web Application Developer

Ananta is a JAVA "guru" and his focus is on AEM's backend systems. He has also done significant work on the LSA Gateway Project (LSA Intranet).

Jessica Wolking
Web Designer Associate / Wordpress Project Manager

I develop and manage the WordPress Multisite network that contains 400+ sites owned by faculty and staff throughout LSA.  I contribute to special web projects, migrations, and help desk support for AEM, the Gateway, and WordPress.  

Jessica Kowalewski
Quality Assurance Coordinator

I coordinate quality assurance testing on new enhancements, updates, and
issues of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) system. I also develop
best practices for the maintenance of AEM sites.

Kristin Sumrall
Instructional Designer

I'll be continuing work I started months ago transitioning the AEM training manual into an online course on Canvas, to streamline the training process and give website editors access to instructional materials that stay up-to-date. I'll also be expanding our training and support offerings to include more mini-modules like the Images Training and the Publications Training. I'm open to ideas and suggestions from the group of people we serve. I'd like to know how I can help you get more awesome at your job.