Hey Web Editor's...Do you have a web page that you are really proud of? Have you seen pages on other sites that have really impressed you? If so, PLEASE nominate them for a Web Editor Award!

Nominations are open through the end of the day on Thursday, April 28th for the following categories:

  • BEST HOME PAGE: The one that made you say, "WOW! Look at that home page!"

  • BEST USE OF THIRD PARTY: Qualtrics, YouTube, Google Maps or Calendar or Forms  . . Which page makes the best use of Third Party solutions?

  • BEST USE OF IMAGES: Similar to the home page description, but specifically as it relates to image usage.

  • BEST VIDEO INTEGRATION: Now that videos are easier to add to pages, who’s making the most of this feature to enhance their web content?

  • MOST INSPIRING: A page that really inspired you to make changes to your site and perhaps jumpstarted your own creativity. 

Please add the following information to the nomination form below:

  • Name of the Department or Program
  • URL of the page 

Voting will begin in May (we'll send you a link, don't worry).