The Issue

The browser has cached the security token. The system detects old (or missing) "CSRF-Token" and rejects the save. 

We have found that Safari browsers tend to do this the most, though we have seen this issue in Chrome.

The Work Around

If you are in the middle of an edit, open an Incognito Window (Chrome) or Private Window (Safari) and continue your work. Once you have save your work. you can follow the steps below to continue work in a normal window:

  1. Close out all your browser windows except for one.
  2. Clear out the browser cache. Once the cache is cleared, exit out of the browser window.
  3. To continue work, open a new browser window and go to your site.

Best Practice to prevent seeing this message: 

  1. Have AEM open in as few windows/tabs as possible.  
  2. Log out of AEM (either from the sidekick or in the upper right corner in the Siteadmin). 

PLEASE NOTE: Exiting/closing the browser does not log you out of the system and therefore this issue may arise.

If you have any additional questions, or continue to have this issue after completing these steps, please feel free to send them to