As the start of the school year gets closer, it’s a good time to check the links in all your electronic communications, which include emails and newsletters.  We often ignore checking links in headers and footers of mass communications because they are relatively static.

When Web Services migrated websites to AEM we partnered with LSAIT to create temporary redirects to help alleviate users landing on Page Not Found pages.  This was necessary since all the LSA websites didn’t launch at the same time and these redirects helped bridge a gap between OpenText and AEM websites. The redirects only last one year and have recently expired. It is now the responsibility of the units to ensure that the links in their communications are up-to-date and working properly.  

In addition to email communications, webpages should also be audited.  A simple tool to use is a Google Chrome Plugin, Broken Link Checker. After you add this to your Chrome browser you can use it to check the pages that are open in the browser window.

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