UPDATE 7/13/17: This issue is resolved. Articles with images that were created between 4/21-6/22 needed an additional fix. If you have an article that was created during this time and the images are still not appearing, please submit a ticket including the link to the article to lsa.web.support@umich.edu.

UPDATE 6/20/17: This issue is still ongoing. Web Services is taking a deeper look at the missing images from the dialogue boxes. We will update this article once the issue is resolved.

Located in the Page Properties, users are able to add a Feature Image that displays in the Homepage and All News landing page feeds.  There is also a tab for Image within the page properties that displays an image above the content. 

As of Friday, June 9, 2017 users will not be able to drag and drop these images from their desktop.  Instead, the images will need to be uploaded to the Asset DAM and then dropped in from the Content Finder.

This bug fix was in response to a known issue of disappearing images related to the drag and drop/upload from desktop files.  Due to this update, if a past news article featured/image needs to be replaced, it can be overwritten by dragging and dropping from the Asset DAM.  If the article no longer requires an image, these need to be removed by Web Services in the backend. Please submit a ticket for these requests and include the link to the news article.

Drag and Drop from the Asset DAM into the Page Properties.

Example of a Page Properties Feature Image

Example of a Page Properties Image