LSA AEM Project v3.1.0 contains some foundational work to support unit portals as well as updates affecting other AEM sites:

  1. Foundational work to support unique subdomains for and
  2. Code and configurations to support Unit Portals;
    1. Unit portals will have URL support for paths matching the pattern /{code}-portal under
    2. Updated various News components (Search/Archive/Recent) to support compatibility with a new template 'LSA Policy' page.
    3. News components were updated to enable it within Unit Portals, and could potentially serve as a knowledge base. Using these components for portal knowledge-bases allows users to find content by tags, searching or by browsing the recent and archive components. 
  3. LSA people having profile pages are now able to upload their own CV via the front-end edit button.
  4. A fix was added to properly order profiles in people summary pages in "gallery" mode. As of now, the solution requires a few additional steps from Web Services including running a script and enabling sort by "collation" 
  5. We are reworking the custom indexes to improve Gateway search performance. All previous customized indexes have been combined to avoid competition among the indexes. 
  6. Gateway Search error handling has been improved. While we strive to make the Gateway search as fast and reliable as users expect, the time-out message and reporting has also been improved. This includes suggestions that users surround phrases with quotes when a search operation has 'timed-out.'
  7. The People Summary pages have two mode: directory and gallery. An issue was corrected relating to filtering by tag for people summary pages in directory mode. Among other improvements for searching and filtering within the People Summary pages.
  8. The "Pull Quote" component dialog has an option to set the size of the font. This eliviates the need to use heading tags (h2/h3) to increase font size. Misuing heading tags to make the font larger is not correct symantic usage, and is no longer necessary. 
  9. The 'List' component was updated to reduce unecessary padding below the component. The component functionality and design was updated and make use of LSA styled next/previous buttons. Paginination was reimplemented to allow caching of the list 'pages.'
  10. A new component named "List of Latest" was added for the LSA site, LSA Gateway and Unit Portals. Author set a parent page using the component dialog, and newly edited pages below the parent will be summarized.
  11. The facebook buttons on News pages was corrected.
  12. Finally, a countermeasure was added to improve routing of users into the author instance after authenticating. This should place users onto the /projects.html page when the path requested before authentication is unknown.