Version 3.0.2 is a minor set of changes and bug fixes:

  1. A fix was applied for proper handling of images within the Page Properties dialog. This fix also re-enables direct upload to the image tabs, though dragging from the DAM remains the recommended process.
  2. Various fixes were applied to Program Requirement pages, which are built from the MIS Program system;
    1. Needed to point the correct URL not the test environment
    2. Corrected formatting on sub-major pages which shows both the parent requirement and the sub-major requirement
    3. If the effective range was only one term, then that term is shown. 
    4. Occasionally, the feed showed 'Minimum Credits : 0' This may lead to confusion, so Minimum Credits won't be shown if 0.
  3. A fix was added to honor the setting on links, which allows them to open in a new tab.
  4. Better placeholder text was added for the Gateway Search box, which suggests users to use quotes when searching phrases. This will help search results return quicker with better results in most cases. Phrases in either single or double quotes can be search in conjunction with keywords (no quotes) or other phrases.
  5. Occasionally, the Gateway search might take too much time. This happens when the indexes become out of date and the system automatically starts reindexing. Usually, in this scenario conducting the same search a minute or two later will return the results quickly. 3.0.2 added a timeout message to inform the users about the situation. Our theory is that as search volume increases, these reinxeing events will become less noticable. LSA Gateway is still undergoing testing at the time of writing. 
  6. Handy author URL's were added for the migrated English Department site.