Our versions are numbered in three parts separated by dots, Major.Medium.Minor. Usually we increment the middle number to indicate a medium or normal release. Incrementing the leftmost digit reflects a bigger change which is typically in coordination with an AEM version or perhaps new set of dependencies. Version 3.0.1 is a minor set of changes and bug fixes;

  1. Safari back button issues. After v3.0.0 users reported that back button was not working in Safari. It would go to the previous page for a moment and immediately to the next page. This issue should now be resolved.
  2. LSA Gateway will be a new intranet for LSA Staff and Faulty. Version 3.0.1 made some minor changes to continue preparing for this new user experience. 
  3. A few event rendering bugs were addressed in v3.0.1. 
    • When showing a featured event, that event would also display in the upcoming events list. 
    • When no featured event tag was used, one event was shown as featured.
  4. LSA Program Requirement pages are now fed from the MIS Program Approval Request Form system feed. While most of this work was done in v3.0, a few tweaks were needed before making the change from static AEM content to database-backed content. These include removing duplicated program name when published, adjusted formatting, and correcting historic requirements effective ending term.