Real Life Scenario:

A unit has a new event every day of the week. At 8am on Tuesday, the web editor notices that the Upcoming Events on the homepage still shows Monday's event. The homepage was activated to update the slideshow at 11am on Monday.

Homepage Caching Rules:

Last year a new rule was created and holds the cache for the Homepage, News & Events, and All Events page for 24 hours from the last content update (i.e. Page Activation). After 24 hours, the cache expires and the server retrieves the newest version on the page from AEM.

The Fix

Since the homepage was last activated at 11am on Monday, the cache will not be cleared until 11am on Tuesday.

To ensure that the events feed is updated early the next business day, an "Activate Later" needs to be scheduled on the homepage.

Please Note: This step is only necessary if any changes occur to the homepage during the business day. If no changes have been made to the homepage, then cache page will expire every morning at 12:15 am.

Instructions for 'Activate Later'

Step-by-step directions on scheduling Activate Page is located in the AEM Canvas Training course.  If you've completed training and need access to the online version of the manual, please contact Kristin Sumrall.