The following three step process will ensure that when events are changed or canceled in the Campus Information system, they will show up correctly on the homepage or any page that contains an event component.

  1. Make the changes in Campus Information system
  2. Activate your AEM homepage or Event Summary pages containing the event information
  3. Visit the homepage or Event Summary pages containing the event information in a different browser or incognito mode

Why doesn’t it happen automatically?

AEM and the Campus Information Event's system have to ‘talk to one another’. The information that you input into is contained in an RSS feed that is passed to AEM.  When you activate the page in AEM it’s  receiving the new information.

The third step kicks off the process of displaying the new information on the page. This is because we cache the information on our pages so they load quickly.  Visiting the page in a new browser or incognito mode will jumpstart the process of displaying the event information that is retrieved from the new RSS feed. 

Do I really have to do the last step?

Visiting the homepage or event summary page in a different browser or incognito mode isn’t necessary. The cache will update automatically but it is not a scheduled occurance every day.  The cache is controlled by a user visiting that page.  When the page is visited, the cache will be cleared within 24 hours from that time. This means that if you make a change and someone else doesn’t view it until two days later, it could be up to three days before the event information is updated on the site.

To minimize headaches, we highly recommend step 3.

Why use another browser or incognito mode?

Those of us who work with our websites and have them open for hours a day can find it difficult to see the updates to events even if they refresh the page. Using a different browser than the one used to make updates or using incognito/private mode of the browser enables us see the page as a new or occasional visitor to the website.

More detailed information about how the cache works can be found in the Developer's Corner.