In an effort to improve LSA unit's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we have made modifications to the Page Properties so Web Editors are able to customize the H1 Heading on subpages except for event detail, people profiles, and publication pages.  This feature is only available in the TouchUI and can be accessed in the Page Properties.

Using the Page Title field allows Web Editors to create an H1 that can contain different content than the page url. The H1 Heading is an important element optimizing your webpage. The H1 Heading tells search engines what information is on the page.

An example of the Page Title Field is on the Web Services' People Page. The H1 has been renamed using the Page Title field, notice that the page heading is The Web Services Team but the url contains people.html and the browser tab is still titled "People | U-M LSA LSA Web Services".



The Page Title field can be found in the TouchUI, page properties.