We recently had a request to resize multiple people profile pictures.  The photos were all the same dimensions but the file size was too large. Instead of having to resize each image one-by-one to meet the image requirements, try batch processing in Photoshop.

You can find detailed instructions with screenshots in this tutorial.

  1. All images should be in one folder
  2. Create an action in Photoshop
  3. Set the Image Size
  4. File Save As
  5. Close the Image Action
  6. File Automate Batch







For profile images, the best image dimensions are 600px wide by 900px high

  • Profile image dimensions must correspond to the w:h ratio 2:3 in order to display correctly in the proifle
  • For best results, profile images should include space over the individual's head, to compensate for AEM's automatic cropping in the people page gallery view