Using Google Analytics, we track engagement with certain components (accordions, slideshow, PDF downloads, search results, external links, etc.) as events. The graph below shows interaction with these components during the Winter 2017 (blue line) compared to Winter 2016 (orange line).

The increase can be attributed to several factors including; more LSA department websites using AEM in the 2017 period, more components being used by web editors to display and navigate the content, more creativity employed by authors using components to provide compelling content and additional event trackers added in 2017 for outbound links and downloads. 

We are frequently asked whether visitors are using the slideshow component, and the answer is YES!  The right arrow is most clicked and the table below tracks the links clicked in the slideshow image. Comparing Winter 2016 with Winter 2017, slideshow link click-age is up 110.5%.

Another highlight relates to the Profile Update process. Profile Updates allow LSA Staff and Faculty to make changes to their profile pages themselves using the pencil icon reducing some of the work of maintaining accurate profile information on the content authors. There were 1244 updates made last winter, which was an increase of 98%.  


Engagement Event Data

Graph comparing Total Events between Winter '17 and Winter '16
Event Change Winter 2017 Winter 2016
Accordion +99.9% 1208488 604637
Button +122% 481564 216910
Outbound Link New 182461 -
Four Button  +140% 64287 26786
Download New 50652 -
Slideshow +110% 24429 11605
Search Result New 17696 -
Giving Button -13% 3209 3694
Profile Updates +98% 1244 629


Tip for Department Authors

Google Analytics users can find this information specific to their own website by navigating to Behavior – Events – Top Events.  This information is included in our Website Evaluations service. We are currently accepting requests or contact Web Services with questions.


Pageview Data

Overall Traffic for websites excluding Course Guide and was down slightly (-%2.25)



While overall traffic was slightly down over the 2017 period, the data shows increased engagement with many of the most popular AEM webpage components. We would encourage authors to continue building compelling content for their audiences using the provided components and to use the links and resources provided to analyze the traffic, develop departmental site reports, and achieve the department's website goals.