The opportunity to start fresh is usually welcomed. When it's a website, however, sometimes it's easier to say, "just move what's there and we'll update it later." The problem with that approach is that websites can be overwhelming in nature and putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is not the best option. Especially when you have a tool that can help you make decisions quickly, with data to support your decisions about what content to move, what to leave, and what might need moving somewhere more prominent.

Web Designer Maria Laitan is our in-house Google Analytics expert. Her presentation uses three Open Text CMS partners (EEB, Institute for Humanities and Science Learning Center) to illustarate the best way to see what pages are getting unique visitors, how long they are staying, and whether they are locating content at all. Seriously important information to know before you move your content to AEM.

If you'd like help with your Analytics, Maria is happy to spend time with you in an Open Lab to walk you through how to use your GA dashboard, or you can send Web Services a ticket using the contact link at the bottom of this page to request specific assistance with your Analytics.