The most recent program to join AEM is the Helen Zell writer's program.

The AEM implementation is picking up steam. The Pilot phase of the process ended September 25th, with the launch of the Sociology Department website. Web Services staff are currently working on 21 websites and learn something new every time we transition a site. Feedback from our Pilot sites  (StatisticsEconomicsEarth and Environmental SciencesAsian Languages and CulturesCGIS)  has been tremendously helpful in enhancing the functionality of the software and the user experience.

Sixty people have attended the 4-hour AEM training and more are on the schedule. Like Open Text, much of the deeper knowledge comes once you begin working with your own content, but we certainly give you everything you need to get comfortable with the new platform. We are currently scheduling training on a weekly basis for staff whose sites
are next in the queue. As we pick up speed (and finish the AEM transition of the Web Services site), we will add weekly AEM training sessions to our online registration system.

More news about the transition was shared over coffee and donuts (including reports from authors of launched sites) at our first Web Content Editor's Group meeting of the academic year, October 8, from 8:30 to 10:00 am, in Room 1636 in the School of Social Work Building.

If you missed the meeting, or the live stream, you can still view it!