Web Services is pleased to announce a recent enhancement that will allow site editors to alphabetize profiles correctly within the people sections of their sites.

Previously, the software was unable to determine (for instance) that an O with umlauts, that is, an Ö, should fall into order along with the Os, so as a result, an individual whose name began with Ö was appearing between W and Y on the department's people page.

The 3.1 AEM update will correct this problem for all supported characters in the Latin alphabet, including Romanized alphabets for languages written in Cyrillic, Hindi, and Greek scripts. We've created a page that contains examples of supported characters.

Alphabetizing of profiles with supported characters will not occur automatically. Departmental editors should should submit tickets to our help desk at lsa.web.support@umich.edu, and provide the name of the individual(s) not alphabetized correctly. Web Services will then update them on a case-by-case basis.